Kino-Kult are available for club nights, sit specific installations, corporate events, marketing opportunities, festivals, dance tents, and public art projects. Below are some of the performance events we can deliver for you.


You are invited to attend an artists briefing at Havant Arts Centre at 8pm on Tuesday 18th November for sushi, a free glass of wine and and the opportunity to meet with Kino-Kult who will host this informal gathering.

On Saturday 31st January 2009 audiovisual arts collective Kino-Kult are taking over Havant Arts Centre and hosting a digital potlatch ( celebrating audiovisual arts and culture in the region. The event is an open platform to which artists working across a range of mediums are invited to contribute.

Urban Image Bombing (PDF)

Have you ever considered the possibility of graffiti without vandalism? Architectural light graffiti, or projection bombing, falls somewhere curiously in between graffiti art and public performance.

Psychic Spies - press pack (PDF)

Taking the rushes and sound mixes from their short film ‘The Abbadon File’ (2008), dr_lighthouse and VJ PowerPoint remix the film live exploring the inherent story telling properties of short film to generate an ever changing gestalt narrative.

BLACK PoWDR ENGINE - press pack (PDF)

A two piece audio / visual performance featuring pusha 2.0 (Jinx) and Drummer 2.2 (Hannah).Live drums make a thumping sound only matched by the eclectic audio/visual triggers. Hacking the latest technology to find new ways of bending your senses, BLACK PoWDR ENGINE has the energy and the hardware.

Vision Clash - press pack (PDF)

Instant Cinema is a new way to experience audio-visual art. An evening of live visuals, electronica and queasy listening at this 21st century cafe culture event hosted by Kino-Kult.