The blue-rooms is a non-profit zone dedicated to promoting digital fringe events. Jinx Prowse currently either runs or participates in the following groups / annual events. From VJ-ing at night clubs to DVMISSION, Portsmouth’s first 48 Hour Film Challenge.

DV-MISSION-08. If the idea of writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, adding sound and rendering a whole movie in 48 hours sounds crazy, then your right. This is an endurance test of both human and machine. You have been warned!


Friday Fragg Fest. 2008 is the blue-rooms 5th annual computer games competition. Winners of past years include, The Mighty Thor, Digital Dan, Wayne the Slayer and ATOM. The Arena's, as always, is Quake 3.

here for more information.

As of the 23rd July 2007 is no longer trading due to Jinx taking on a full time role as Director of
Music Fusion. DV-Mission, Kino Kult, Alt Blue and Hyper Blue are all non profit and hense still running


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