Who is av- j pusha 2.0?

Jinx started VJ-ing in 1996 with blagged projectors, piles of semi working VHS players and a suitcase of tapes. Along with friends, the ‘photon factory’ gained a reputation in clubs around the South of England for delivering a cutting edge visual experience. Over a decade later pusha 2.0 has teamed up with dr_lighthouse and vj_powerpoint to form Kino-Kult.

Jinx is also responsible for
BLACK PoWDR ENGINE, the Friday Fragg Fest, DV-MISSION, alt-blue and many other AV events. Check out further projects at blue-rooms.com.

Pusha 2.0 recently played at Psy-Co on the Pier. Utilising 14 projectors, 2 camera’s, 3 VJ’s and a whole bunch of cable, Collectively Kino-Kult produced over 280 square meters of eye munch!

Jinx spends any free time making AV digital media. From short films to live audio and visual performances, if it’s too bright, loud or fast, your too old!


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